Dear Lioness

Always remember:

You are stronger than you think, braver than you will ever believe;

You bear God’s image, you are the Eve of your generation; (Genesis 1:27)

You called out to the Lord Your God in the desert and he answered you, you are the Hagar of your generation; (Genesis 16:13)

You will receive God’s promise, your are the Sarah of your generation; (Genesis 21:1)

You are courageous and brave, you are the Jochebed of your generation; (Exodus 2)

You are a thankful woman who knows how to worship, you are the Miriam of  your generation; (Exodus 15:20,21)

You are resourceful and your faith will be rewarded, you are the Rehab of your generation; (Joshua 2)

You are strong and a natural leader, you are the Deborah of your generation; (Judges 4:4)

You are loyal, you are the Ruth of your generation; (Ruth 1:16)

You might be disappointed but your life will be blessed, you are the Naomi of your generation; (Ruth 4:14)

You declare your miracle in the temple, you are the Hannah of your generation; (1 Samuel 1:27)

You are the peacemaker,  you are the Abigail of your generation; (1 Samuel 25:32)

You were born for a time such as this, you are the Esther of your generation; (Esther 4:12)

You may have sinned but God has redeemed,  you are the Gomer of your generation; (Hosea 3:1)

Your faith will heal you, you are the woman who touched Jesus; (Mark 5:34)

You are honourable and God will bless you,  you are the Elizabeth of your generation; (Luke  1:38)

You witness about Jesus,  you are the Anna of your generation; (Luke 2:37)

You are servant-hearted and hardworking, you are the Phoebe of your generation; (Romans 16:1)

You are a church builder, you are the Priscilla of your generation; (Romans 16:3)

Do not doubt your strength, do not doubt your ability.

You were hand-crafted by your Father, woven together in your mother’s womb.

You possess the heart of a lioness, fierce and brave.

Remember, you are stronger than you think, braver than you will ever believe.



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